IX Human Rights Film Festival Of Barcelona

IX Human Rights Film Festival Of Barcelona

For the first time in history, a Human Rights Film Festival, it will synchronize screenings and parallel activities in three world capitals of culture: Paris, NYC and Barcelona.
 The IX edition of the Human Rights Film Festival of Barcelona will take place from the 17th to the 21th of May 2012 in Barcelona, New York City and Paris
The Festival has a double aim:
  • 1.- To promote and to create a platform for the exhibition and distribution of films with the topic of the human rights as a key element. 
  •  2.- To raise awareness and to strengthen the respect towards the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the distribution of the mentioned films. 
Every year, the Festival celebrates roundtable-conferences with specialists in Human Rights, analysts of economy and international politics, journalists, writers and intellectuals, which contribute to resolution of conflicts and the diffusion and respect of the Human Rights, with investigations, publications and reportages of war.

In the past edition we did the world premiere of ‘Collateral murder, Hellfire’ by Kristinn Hrafnsson and Ingi R. Ingason from Wikileaks, documentary with unpublished images, interviews to the families of victims and survivors of the attacks.

 The effectiveness of the Human Rights in the nations it is possible, if Human Rights acts as a transverse line that crosses the fields of education, culture and the exterior and interior politics.
In the fields of culture and the exterior and interior politics: 
  • We design a festival that received more than 3000 films this edition, with the target to create an official selection of 112 films with subject-matters of high social interest. The spinal column of the festival is to programme international film showcases, in countries with not declared war or with recent memory of invasion, war or dictatorship, occupied territories, refugees’ camps, financial crisis, and records of systematical violations of human rights.

This year we close agreements with: 

  • 70% of European Short films and feature films and 30% of internacional and Spanish productions in genres such as fiction, animation, and documentary will appear in the competition. The films chosen will be a clear reflection of the central subject-matter.

In the last months the investigator was travelling around México to develop the last phase of the Festival, the pedagogic aspect:

  • In the last years the school desertion in grades of basic studies increased in an alarming way. There are children’s cases from 11 to 13 years that turn into candidates of the organized crime. Victims of the drug trafficking and the unemployment, come to adulthood without an integral education and with an alarming record of familiar break-up.

Along with the Mexican NGO Colectivo de Educación para la Paz, we are developing a program to visit schools with a cinema debate: Culture of Peace and Human Rights, focused in the not desertion of the students. We will try to export the same program to countries collaborators, focused in especial to the regeneration of the social textile of his nations.

Film Programmer
Investigator and Director of International Diffusion
Mail: oscarvazquez@festivaldecineyderechoshumanos.com
Skype: enplenanoche

IX Festival de Cine y Derechos Humanos de Barcelona
IX Human Rights Film Festival of Barcelona

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/festivalcinederechoshumanosbarcelona
Oficial Twitter:@FestivalCineDH
Personal Twitter: @Papilloncoatl
Youtube Channels:  FestivalCineDH2012 , papilloncoatl7, lamiradadescubierta


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